Hong Kong in Berlin

Hong Kong in Berlin
Festival of Vision

Co-Herausgeberin Alice Grünfelder

‚Festival of Vision: Hong Kong – Berlin‘ was organized by the House of World Cultures in Berlin and the Institute of Contemporary Culture in Hong Kong to facilitate and stimulate cultural dialogue and exchange between the two cities. The first phase of ‚Festival of Vision‘, 29 July to 10 September 2000, brought Hong Kong art and culture to the people of Berlin in the form of a bamboo pavilion, exhibitions, films, concerts, dance and theatrical performances and multimedia projects.

This publication includes contributions by Hans-Georg Knopp, Danny Yung, Ulrich Sacker, Benjamin Lee, Hartmut Haubermann, Horace Wan-Kan Chin, Beate Rusch, Vicki C.H. Ooi, Leung Ping-kwan, Rocco Yim, Desmond Hui, Leung Man-tao and others.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2000
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